Trust when necessary, love all

"Trust takes years to build, moments to purchase." - Jack Ryan
When I think about trust, I find it pointless to trust man. Man is fallible and limited. He knows only what he experiences, which is again, highly limited. He does not know all, neither can he know it all. 
To rely on any person is foolish. Even your near and dear ones because one day they will leave you too. 
Yet, we cannot live without trust. 
“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” - Ernest Hemingway
Thank God for helping man to trust in Him, as we learn to love all. 

Pluck Out Bitterness Before It Grows It's Roots

What happens when you host bitterness in your heart?

What is bitterness?
"anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly"

No one likes being treated unfairly. What can you do if you are? The most important thing you can do is not be bitter about it. Bitterness is like gangrene that can eat up your soul, rendering it useless.

"Acrid bitterness inevitably seeps into the lives of people who harbor grudges and suppress anger, bitterness is always a poison. It keeps your pain alive instead of letting you deal with it and get beyond it. Bitterness sentences you to relive the hurt over and over." - Lee Strobel

"Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host." - Maya Angelou

"Growth in wisdom may be exactly measured by decrease in bitterness." - Friedrich Nietzsche

The heart knows it's own bitterness - Bible
The world is a lot more challenging today than ever before. We are faced with a pandemic that's ruining lives. Lack of jobs, unfavourable e…

Worry Cripples Faith

Faith helps us move forward. Common, natural faith, helps us to grow and move on in life When everything is "good", we tend to be happy. When things are "bad" we tend to get worried or anxious.

The world is worried today because of the destructive nature of a virus and the wickedness of man which manipulates masses.

Worry leaves us in uncertainty.

Faith on the other hand is a sure expectation of what we are working towards.

Worrying is a result of little faith. Giving room to uncertainty in our hearts loosens or breaks down strongholds of faith.

An estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. That’s around 4% of the global population, with a spread of between 2.5% and 6.5% of population per country. Around 62% of those suffering from anxiety are female (170 million), compared with 105 million male sufferers.

By 2030, the cost to the global economy of all mental health problems could amount to $16 trillion. How the world confronts mental health challe…

Swearing is the fruit of a restless heart

Anyone who believes words are powerful, will make sure they never swear or use abusive language.

The dictionary meaning of swearing is, a rude or offensive language.

Sadly, Psychological Science (Org) states that swearing does not lead to violence so it's not necessarily problematic. I beg to differ.
Anyone in his right mind, especially in this day and age knows that the violence against the mind and heart using offensive words is a serious concern. 
According to a popular magazine, "swearing masks pain and builds relationships". Masking pain is a horrible way to live. It can never build relationship, the hurt remains inside, suppressed. It's never good for anyone's emotional health.
Some others say, it helps release frustration. Another lie! 
What comes out of our mouth reveals the state of the heart. In the quest for state of the art "success", the matters of the heart are greatly ignored. As science and technology advances, the human condition - mat…

Balance Of The Heart And Mind Is Key For Team Success

What are a couple of key expectations from a team? Deliver rich customer experiences and adapt to change.

An employee is a human being, not a machine. The monotony and reward based models we work on, often make us forget that we need to stop. That we have limits. When we break those limits by ignoring what’s happening around us, it all falls on us like a ton of bricks.

You may be able to keep your emotions aside for a while. Blocking your emotions is damaging in the long run. You need to root out every thing that holds you back from giving your best.

Intelligence is often overrated and empathy is greatly underrated. Unless there is a balance of both these traits, the long term damage is inevitable.

When depression hits, it renders you almost useless. You stop believing in the ability to do anything. Even what you’ve already mastered earlier. If you don’t feel right, you always hesitate. Depression is a far deadlier feeling. You come to a standstill.

I’ve known qualified/PhD profes…

Ageism: Old is not always Gold

"I asked a 52 year old employee why he dyed his hair; he said he needs to look younger to create a better impression. His work environment is getting younger and the only way for him to blend in is to be innovative about his appearance." - True story.

Ageism is a serious issue, and there is little to nothing done about it.

According to AARP, 64% employees have witnessed or experienced age discrimination.

Why does this happen? (A few reasons I’ve noticed around me, over a decade of work.)
Profit making companies will always have money as their topmost priority. Hiring younger workers are cheaper. It is obviously easier to provide a hike on a lower salary to create a culture of reward and recognition.Younger workers cannot question what they can’t predict. Experienced employees on the other hand ask a lot of questions that can seem a hindrance for leaders or managers. Even if they are right!Tier 1 cities, every year, see a growth in young migrant workers who want to make more mon…

What’s wrong with parenting?

“71 million children aged between 5-11 years in India access the Internet on devices of their family members” (IAMAI report)

Irresponsible parenting?
Too busy to spend quality time with children?
Shortcut parenting?

According to First Cry Parenting, "Avoid giving cell phones to children under the age of 16". The article shares 8 harmful effects of Smartphones on children.

How does play-based learning help?

Parents are squeezing the role of play out of their children’s lives in favour of the three ‘R’s as they try to prepare their offspring for a competitive world, according to the head of Lego’s education charity arm. A lack of understanding of the value of play is prompting parents and schools alike to reduce it as a priority, says Hanne Rasmussen, head of the Lego Foundation. If parents and governments push children towards numeracy and literacy earlier and earlier, it means they miss out on the early play-based learning that helps to develop creativity, problem-solving and …